Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate 7.0

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Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate 7.0

Scans and recognizes handwritten musical scores
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Digitize scores with notes and specific structuring for music composition and save the results as a text or PDF file. The utility recognizes up to 99.5% of the content including 4 and 6 line guitar tablature, 1, 2 and 3 line percussion staves, etc. Writing new scores directly in the program is possible.

Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate is a high-end piece of software that will accurately scan and read any music scores, allowing you to print, playback, and edit them with professional results. It not only recognizes every note and chord present in printed scores, but it is also capable of digitizing most handwritten music representations, including accidentals, ornaments, ties, and slurs. The program can also open music scores saved as TIFF, BMP, or PDF files.

The whole digitizing process is covered in three different steps – scanning, reading, and editing. During the scanning phase, PhotoScore simply takes a “photograph” of each of the pages that make up the score. This process can be fully automated, allowing the user to find the right balance between accuracy and speed. The following step, “reading” (i.e. recognizing) the different symbols and features of the music notation present in the score, is, undoubtedly, the most complicated one. During this process, PhotoScore Ultimate will identify all the notes, chords, accidentals (including articulation marks), clefs, key and time signatures, systems, staves (including percussion and guitar tablature staves), ties, slurs, tuplets, lyrics, and so on. But the most amazing feature that this application offers is its ability to perform this “reading” process also in handwritten scores. Evidently, the level of accuracy of the final layout will largely depend on the clarity of the original writing. However, PhotoScore Ultimate’s advanced OCR technology, has reached a level of excellence not easily found in similar tools, accurately recognizing handwritten notes, chords, rests, accidentals, signatures, systems, staves, bar lines, ties, slurs, and even the format of the original page.

The third step is the interactive editing process. Here, the user can correct all those mistakes found during the reading process, as well as add new features not present in the original score. If the number of mistakes present is not acceptable, the user can make a number of adjustments in the reading settings and “re-read” the page again to improve the final result. The numerous editing functions available are very easy to use, allowing the user to drag and drop, cut and paste, and make use of signs tables to move, modify, and insert almost any element and marking in the music score.

To help the user during the editing process, PhotoScore Ultimate can play any fragment (or the whole score) as many times as needed, using its MIDI capabilities.

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  • High-quality notation recognition from handwritten sheet music
  • Intuitive editing functionality
  • Extensive list of signs and markings available for editing


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